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What Is Our Obsession With Liquid Lipsticks?

12 September 2016
Everyone from Kylie Jenner to instagram Grandma's has one, and with every major brand jumping on the bandwagon I find myself asking "What is our obsession with liquid lipsticks?"
In the past I've never been a fan of matte lipsticks. Having naturally quite dry lips I found them to be too drying and would always opt for formulas like that of the amplified finish from Mac instead to get the right balance between moisture and pigmentation. But with the trend towards liquid lipsticks growing ever more increasingly popular I decided to take the plunge and see what all the hype was about.

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If I had the money and patience my first liquid lipstick purchase would have obviously been from King Kylie and her brand Kylie Cosmetics, I then considered Jeffree Star's Velour Liquid Lipsticks but with all the drama surrounding him I decided it was perhaps best to not support his brand. Of course there are many other high end brands I could've tried but with so many drugstore brands bringing out their own liquid lipsticks at a much lower price point I decided to try one of those first before investing into more expensive liquid lipsticks.

After much debate I picked up 2 of NYX's Lip Lingerie's in the colours Satin Ribbon and Push Up which are both gorgeous pinky nude colours with a brown undertone. The formula of these liquid lipsticks is very mousse like which I like as it is easy to apply, it's highly pigmented and also dries quickly. I've heard that lots of liquid lipsticks you have to wait for them to set for quite a while, this isn't the case with NYX's Lip Lingerie's as once it's applied you are ready to go. The product does wear well but can fade along the inner part of the lip after eating and drinking so you may have to reapply throughout the day. You can also feel the product sitting on your lips with can feel quite drying and uncomfortable if you haven't prepped your lips properly.

NYX, Lip Lingerie, Liquid Lipstick, Kylie Jenner, Lip Kit, Jeffree Star, Kat Von D, Beauty, Blogger, Review

But despite all its flaws, I'm strangely addicted to the shade Satin Ribbon as it is the perfect nude lipstick for my skintone. But it's not just the shade I love but how the lipstick looks on. The doe foot applicator makes it easy to slightly over line my lips without having to use a lip liner and gives my lips the appearance of looking fuller. The matte flawless finish makes me feel like I've stepped out of an instagram picture or I should be walking round wearing the snapchat dog filter. But the best thing about this product though has to be the fact I can kiss my boyfriend without covering him in lipstick which he loves to.

While the NYX Lip Lingerie is a decent liquid lipstick I'm not saying it's the best on the market. But despite this it has given me a taste of the liquid lipstick life and hooked me with the matte, full and flawless finish, so for this reason I will probably buy more liquid lipsticks in the future because I am well and truly obsessed.

Eleanor xx

Bardot Chic

5 September 2016
Ah the Bardot top; a summer essential named after the beautiful French 50s and 60s icon that is Brigitte Bardot. Designed to show off and flatter the collar bone, one of the most subtly sexy parts of the body, you can see why this effortless style has become one of the most popular styles on the high street this season. This top from Missguided is an example of the Bardot trend at its finest, a simple off the shoulder white shirt made interesting by these flowing flared sleeves and tie detail at the elbow. And the best it about it? This top flows over all your lumps and bumps hiding how much you ate at lunch.

white, bardot, top, off the shoulder, sleeves, missguided, ripped, jeans, brigitte bardot, bridget, chic, ootd, babesofmissguided, coach, office shoes

OOTD, Style, Fashion, White, bardot, top, black, ripped, jeans, suede, boots, office, shoes, topshop, missguided, coach, nolita

OOTD, Style, Fashion, White, bardot, top, black, ripped, jeans, suede, boots, office, shoes, topshop, missguided, coach, nolita

OOTD, Style, Fashion, White, bardot, top, black, ripped, jeans, suede, boots, office, shoes, topshop, missguided, coach, nolita

What I'm Wearing | Missguided Bardot Shirt (similar), Topshop Jeans, Office Boots and Coach Bag

When paired with ripped jeans, heeled suede boots and a preppy bag, you get the right balance between 'good girl chic' and 'I'm not your average plain Jane', making it perfect for a lunch date or a day out shopping and therefore one of my favourite go to outfits of recent.

Are you all for the Bardot or is a Bardot a faux pas in your eyes?

Eleanor xx

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Review

15 June 2016
Now first off I'm going apologise to those of you who are perhaps a bit fed up of seeing/hearing about Benefit's most highly anticipated release in years; their new and re-branded brow range. Personally I wanted to throw my two cents into the pot as I think it's always great to read as many reviews as possible about a product before you buy, but if you're still not interested perhaps read my 5 Tips To Avoid Overpacking or my review of L'Oreal's Telescopic Mascara. Now we've got that out of the way, let's get onto the review!

This month Elle were giving away a free sample of Benefit's new Goof Proof Brow Pencil to each reader. When I heard I had to pick myself up a copy of Elle to try a product from the new collection which is released on the 24th of this month! Unfortunately they put the magazine in an opaque sleeve making it impossible to see what shade of the product you are going to get, this meant that I ended up with shade 6, the darkest shade in the collection (not ideal for a blondie like myself). Despite the fact that it was 2 shades too dark I thought I'd give it a go anyway because if I liked it I could pick up the right shade when the collection was released.

Benefit, Goof Proof Brow Pencil, Review, New, 2016, Elle, Collection, Eyebrows

The Goof Proof Brow Pencil has a unique triangular shaped tip, which was designed for the large end to fill in large gaps and the pointed end to draw precise lines. While this is in theory a great idea, I found myself gravitating towards using only the pointed end as the wider end made my brows look a bit blocky rather than thick. The downside to this is that I wore down the point after only one use, so on my next use I'd be forced to use the wider end. This being said even if I did enjoy using the wider end, I can still see the pencil wearing down unevenly and losing it's unique shape. 

As for the consistency on the product it was a nice solid pencil allowing you to achieve sharp and precise lines, this is something that I have never found in a high street brow pencil as they are always too waxy and soft. It's preciseness allows a natural look and realistic look for even the thinnest brows as you can draw those missing hairs in which is something I struggle to do when using a brow pomade (but then again that may be because I'm not using a precise enough brush).  



Benefit, Goof Proof Brow Pencil, Review, New, 2016, Elle, Collection, Eyebrows, tried and tested, Cara Delevingne, Magazine, Freebie, Sample, Uk, Beauty, Blogger

As you can see from the before pictures above, my eyebrows aren't the thickest. I have a decent amount of hairs in the front of my brows but they thin out towards the end and this is where I have to do the most work when filling out my brows. While I quite like the look of my brows after using this product (ignoring the fact that the shade is wrong), I definitely prefer the front half to the second half. I found that in sparser areas I had to be careful not to use too much product or brush through my brows with a spoolie too much as it would all just blend into a brown smudge, blurring away all the effort I had put into drawing each individual hair. 

It is also for this reason that I doubt it lives up to it's claims of 12 hours of waterproof wear, especially on an oily skin type like mine. But I cannot completely confirm this as I did not wear it for 12 hours or test how waterproof it is.

As for ease of use I initially found it difficult to gain control with such a light and dainty pencil as I am used to using a brush to fill in my eyebrows. For an avid eyebrow pencil user this would perhaps not be a problem but just a warning to those without a steady hand; this pencil is so precise that mistakes are very obvious, if you try to draw a straight line and it is not straight, it will be painfully obvious.

The real question is: will I buy it when the collection comes out? My honest answer is probably not. It's a decent product but I'm not sure it's right for me, personally I would prefer the whole tip to be pointed not triangular so maybe I'll try the Precisely My Brow Eyebrow Pencil when that it released. I also don't prefer it to the ABH Dipbrow Pomade that I normally use so why would I buy it over that. Instead I might try this product out on my mum who has darker brows, a less oily skintype and prefers very natural makeup as I think it may suit her more.

Have you tried the Goof Proof Brow Pencil? While you be trying anything else when the full collection is released?

Eleanor xx

Trying Out Trends

7 June 2016
Seasons come and go, as do trends and styles that take their turn in a never ending cycle of fashion. But how do we sort the good from the bad? Or should I say the ripped jeans from the socks and sliders? Luckily that's where I come in, trying out some of this seasons trends and reinventing my wardrobe to help you decide if you should try it or if it's tragic. Today's trends? Chokers and wearing a Cami over a T-Shirt.

Now I love wearing lace cami's but over a t-shirt? I've seen it done before in a grungy 90's style so I thought I'd try it out. Then what better trend to pair it with than the revival of the 90's choker that we are currently seeing. But how do they look not only together but mixed with trainers and tailored trousers to give it that current edge?

What I'm Wearing | Zara T-Shirt, New Look Cami, Missguided Trousers, Vans, New Look Jacket, River Island Choker, Pull & Bear Bag

While I love chokers I'm still yet to be convinced by the T-Shirt over Cami trend. Part of me likes how it looks (I think pairing two similar colours together such as baby pink and white together really helped tone it down) but then another part of me couldn't get over the alien feeling of layering the two tops. I have to also mention my boyfriend wasn't keen on the Cami over T-Shirt situation, pulling a face when he saw me, so beware of this trend's man-repelling power.

What do you think of these two trends? Will you be wearing them?

Eleanor xx

5 Tips To Avoid Overpacking

28 May 2016
Going on holiday can be a stressful experience especially when it comes to packing. Knowing what to take, remembering to take it and then trying to pack it all into a tiny case like a complex game of Tetris, just to get to the airport for your suitcase to be over the weight limit. Nightmare. To help you avoid having to choose between paying extra for your suitcase or throwing away your precious belongings I've compiled a list of my top 5 easy tips to avoid overpacking. 

travel, tips, overpacking, packing, lightly, suitcase, baggage, holiday, airport, weight, limit, ideas, help

Take Only As Much As You Need 
When going away we tend to panic about running out of things leading to over packing, but in reality if you are going away from one week you won't use up a whole bottle of shampoo, even if you washed your hair every day. So instead of taking full size products, either buy miniatures or decant your favourite products into the plastic travel bottles. This will save so much space in your suitcase and is ideal if you are only taking hand luggage. When it comes to handbags, swap a large purse for a card holder or a coin purse.

Planning is key when it comes to packing lightly. Think about what you are doing each day you are away and what clothes, shoes and accessories you will need for each day. Also check the weather forecast for the place you are going, if you know it's going to be hot then there is no need to take 5 jumpers, a hat, gloves and coat. If you know it's not going to rain that day why bother weighing down your bag with an umbrella. 

Do You Really Need It?
With every item you pack ask yourself "Do I really need this?" unless the answer is a confident yes, don't take it. For example "Do I really need a snorkel on my skiing holiday?" or perhaps more likely "Do I really need five lipsticks in my bag?" It's tough but be honest and realistic with yourself, you will thank me later.

Investigate What There Is Where You're Going
Many places provide towels and hairdryers so check on the website of where you're staying for what they provide you with for your stay. Staying at a friends? Ask them if you can borrow some of their things while you stay. Or perhaps coordinate with those you're traveling with. When I'm traveling with my friends one of use will bring a hair dryer, another straighteners and another a curling wand, we then all swap and share for the duration of our trip.

Pack Versatile Items
This applies to almost everything but especially clothes, cosmetics and tech. Pack products that can used in multiple ways for example a check and lip tint instead of a blusher and lipstick, or a pair of trousers that goes with multiple tops, use your phone as an ipod, book and camera. Thinking about your products cleverly and using them to their full extent can cut down significantly on the items you take.

The best thing is that these tips don't just apply to going on holiday but can also be used to avoid general over packing including heavy or small handbags. You now know how to avoid overpacking but if you're still unsure of what to take traveling with you check out my post on my Top Travel Essentials for some ideas. I'd also love to hear any packing tips you guys may have, so let me know in the comments below!

Eleanor xx

Dreaming Of A Parisian Summer

19 May 2016
One of my favourite sources of inspiration when it comes to spring/summer is Parisian fashion. Yes there is just something about the way the women dress in the city of love that makes them the ultimate style icons. Perhaps it is their love of the iconic Breton stripe or just their effortless elegance. But whatever it is, countless pins of Parisian street style on Pinterest and season 4 of Gossip Girl (when Blair and Serena spend their summer in France) has had me dreaming of a Parisian summer.

What I'm Wearing | New Look Hat (similar), Pull & Bear Jumper (similar), Pull & Bear Bag (similar), Missguided Skirt and Office Shoes

What is your inspiration for this Spring/Summer?

Eleanor xx

What To Take To University - The Complete Guide

12 May 2016
Moving out can be a stressful time especially if you're going to uni. You may be worried about living somewhere new or making friends but thanks to this handy list I've complied one thing you won't be worried about is forgetting anything. Of course this list may need adapting to where you are living (if you're living in a house you may need extra items or your halls may provide some of the things on this list) but it covers most things you will need. You may question me when I suggest that you need 2 sets of crockery and towels but they will seriously come in handy, though do try to bear in mind that you have to get all of these things to your new home so try to find the right balance between having everything you need and not over packing. Even if you're not going to Uni and just moving out you might find this list helpful! Anyway let's get onto the list...

What to take, bring, uni, university, kitchen, crockery, plates, bowls, cups, sainsburys, cheap, list, help, advice, uk, blogger

Fake, flowers,white, roses, elle, shoe, storage, uni, university, halls, nail, varnish, take, bring, list, help, adviceKitchen
Sauce pans (at least 2)
Frying Pan
Baking Tray
Chopping Boards
Sieve and/or Colander 
Cheese Grater
Small Dish (for homemade lasagna or pasta bake)
Dinner Plates
Side Plates
Cereal Bowls
Pasta Bowls
Measuring Jug
Plastic Storage Containers
Sharp Knives 
Potato Peeler
Potato Masher
Tin Opener
Wooden Spoon and/or Spatula
Tea Towels
Oven Gloves
Washing Up Liquid 

Pillow Cases
Pillow and Mattress Protectors
Mattress Topper
Bed Sheets
Scatter Cushions (optional)
Blanket (optional)
Hand Towels
Bath Towels

External Hard Drive
Chargers (phone, laptop etc.)
Printer (optional)
Desk Lamp

Washing/ Cleaning
Fold Up Wash Basket
Clothes Rack
Washing Tablets
Bin Bags
Bathroom/ Kitchen/ Toilet Cleaner

Optional Decorative Items
A Small Desk Mirror
Fairy Lights
Fake Flowers

Want more tips and tricks about what to take to uni? Check out this video that I've done on my YouTube Channel...

I'd love to hear if you're going to Uni this September or if you've already been to Uni perhaps you could share some of your experiences in the comments below!  

Eleanor xx

Leather and Lace

5 May 2016
I've always been the kind of person that when I get new clothes I wear them straight away and as part of practically every outfit. That's one reason I've always struggled when it comes to hauls because I've already worn half of the items before I get enough things to put in a post (or video). But as you may have seen I managed to collect enough new pieces to do a haul and there was one item that everyone was talking about.

OOTD, Boohoo, topshop, m&s, river island, choker, leather, jacket, lace, cami, backpack, celine, fashion, uk, blogger, fblogger, outfit, try on, review

OOTD, Boohoo, topshop, m&s, river island, choker, leather, jacket, lace, cami, backpack, celine, fashion, uk, blogger, fblogger, outfit, try on, review,

OOTD, Boohoo, topshop, m&s, river island, choker, leather, jacket, lace, cami, backpack, celine, fashion, uk, blogger, fblogger, outfit, try on, review, lipstick, high street

OOTD, Boohoo, topshop, m&s, river island, choker, leather, jacket, lace, cami, backpack, celine, fashion, uk, blogger, fblogger, outfit, try on, review

OOTD, Boohoo, topshop, m&s, river island, choker, leather, jacket, lace, cami, backpack, celine, fashion, uk, blogger, fblogger, outfit, try on, review

OOTD, Boohoo, topshop, m&s, river island, choker, leather, jacket, lace, cami, backpack, celine, fashion, uk, blogger, fblogger, outfit, try on, review

What I'm Wearing - River Island Choker, Topshop Jacket (similar), Boohoo Cami, Topshop Jeans, M&S Boots, Celine Sunglasses and Pull & Bear Bag (similar)

Yes this black cami from Boohoo that you can see peaking from underneath my Topshop leather jacket was highly talked about in the comments of my last post, and I can see why because it's just gorgeous. I love how delicate the lace trim is and how it contrasts with the toughness of my leather jacket and choker.

To avoid the lace cami, choker and pointed boots looking too much like something out of the wild west I finished off my outfit with my chic Celine sunglasses and hot chocolate from CafĂ© Nero (jks I just hadn't finished my drink). I have to admit that the sunglasses and backpack were also out of practicality as it was incredibly sunny in Birmingham that day and we also had some clothes food shopping to do. 

Eleanor xx

I Did It... I Made A YouTube Video

1 May 2016
So I finally gathered my courage and did it. I made a YouTube video. I'm guilty to admit t that YouTube was my first love but watching beauty and fashion videos is what introduced me to the beautiful world of blogging. But despite this I've always been scared to take the leap and make videos myself until now. 

This video is my way of testing the water, trying it out to see if I like it before I take a plunge and commit to YouTube as well as blogging (YouTube will never be a substitute for my blog, only an addition to it). It was a bit awkward and nerve wracking sitting in my bedroom on my own and talking to my camera and I'm sure that will probably come across a little in the video. This is only my first video though and I know that it is in no way perfect, not even by a mile, but if I keep at this I can only improve.

UK, Fashion, Beauty, Blogger, Youtube, Blog, Spring, Haul, First Video

Now that little explanation is out of the way you're probably wondering what I decided to do for my first ever video? Well I decided to do a haul showing some clothes and other bits that I've picked up recently. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will have seen me mention that there was a student night on at my local shopping centre this week and I was lucky enough to pick up a few things. 

As I learned while editing the video it was not possible to edit in cut away's to show me trying on the clothes so I thought I'd do a try on blog post so that you could see what everything I bought looked like on. I won't be talking about any of the things I bought though in this post, so if you want to hear that check out the video, but I will leave links for everything down below.

Boohoo Sarah Lingerie Style Lacey Cami - £14

Topshop Petite Stripe Top - £20

River Island Black Velvet Choker - £5

Vans Leather Old Skool Zip Shoes - £65


I'd love to hear your feedback and opinion on whether I should film more videos, let me know down below!

Eleanor xx

Should You Have Separate Social Media Accounts For Your Blog?

27 April 2016
Blogging is not just about blogging anymore. With lots of people competing to become the next Zoella, social media is becoming more and more crucial to not only growing your following but also forming friendships and starting conversations. Brands also don't want bloggers with just high readership but also mass followings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anywhere that you can promote them and yourself. But the question is, when trying to turn your blog into a brand and appear professional, should you have separate social media accounts for your blog?

Instagram, Blog, Blogging Tips, Social Media, Should I, Question, Uk, Beauty, Fashion, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Lipstick, Wardrobe, Girl

For a long time I pondered over whether to change the name of my Twitter and Instagram accounts to that of my blog, so people could easily find me and they'd be along the same theme as my blog. Changing my Twitter account would be easy, I already used it to participate in blogger chats but changing my instagram would require me to not only change my name but my theme from black and white personal photos but to bright white fashion, beauty and lifestyle photos. 

Instagram, Blog, Blogging Tips, Social Media, Should I, Question, Uk, Beauty, Fashion, Blogger

But I liked my personal photos, the pictures of me and my sister before a night out or those of me at various concerts or the throwback Thursday's from when I'd perform in dance shows. These were snippets of my life that I wanted to share with my family and friends (who make up the majority of my followers), and I couldn't sacrifice that. 

Instagram, Blog, Blogging Tips, Social Media, Should I, Question, Uk, Beauty, Fashion, Blogger

So after a quick Twitter poll my mind was made up. I'd keep my old Instagram and start a new Instagram account for my blog which would have a different theme, more similar to that of my favourite fashion and beauty accounts and matching the theme of my blog photos. I decided that I'd post photos from my latest blog posts so that I could use original Instagram to promote my latest posts but also other photos from my daily life. My old Instagram would also be kept up to date with lifestyle photos rather than posting about beauty and fashion that didn't interest a lot of my followers on my personal account.

Instagram, Blog, Blogging Tips, Social Media, Should I, Question, Uk, Beauty, Fashion, Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, Lipstick, Wardrobe, Girl

While I have to say it's been tough building up a following on my new account I'm so pleased that I did it. I post more regularly on that account about the things that interest me without annoying people who only want to hear about my life, and don't confuse people who want to see blog photos with photos of me and my friends. It sounds weird but I also love how my Instagram widget looks on the side bar of my blog now as the photos are consistent with those on my blog. As for Twitter, for now I'm keeping it the same as I think people don't really care as much about what you say there. 

I don't really think there is a right or wrong answer as to whether you should have separate social media accounts for your blog, while it does look professional it is a lot more work managing double the number of accounts. If you do decide to make a separate accounts you also have to remember not to use your blog accounts for spamming links to your blog posts, remember to still maintain a personal touch by communicating with your audience and posting extra content.

What are your opinions on social media and your blog? Also feel free to leave your social media links below for me to check out!

Eleanor xx